Tips to look amazing in your photos!

What's the point of having a better phone camera if it doesn't make you look better in photos right? Nowadays, in every media platform photos are quite the real deal that makes it the fine art in the social media.

We'd love to share few tips to make you ready and looking better in photos!

1. Look for the good lightning. If it's a selfie then find a window or a good light source where you can have enough light that can shine your pretty face. If it's a group photos especially indoor for an instance while you're in a party or having dinner with colleagues or family in a restaurant make sure to find a spot around the table that have a glam light. Check and you can see that you look glowing while everyone looks dull. Shhhhhhh

2. Lipstick. You can also use a lip tint. Just put a some lippie to pop a little your lips. This works like magic! For man try to your wet your lips. Dull lips makes you look sick so wearing a lipstick can alter that into a glowing photo!

3. Avoid the double chin. Look after your neck and adjust it so you can avoid having double chin in your photos!

4. Curl those eye lashes. Eye lashes can give you a big impact in any photos, can make your eyes looks tantalizing and attractive instantly!

5. Know your angle and know your asset. You are smart enough to know your angle and so make sure to use it whenever you strike a pose. And combine your best angle with your asset, for an instance your lips is your asset then use a lipstick that attracts the eyes in one look and all will follows!

5. Always smile. No matter what your mood or what happened today when it's a picture time please SMILE! Not just your photos will make it better, it makes you and other people feel better too around you, it's a scientifically proven!

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