DJI Ronin-S is now in the house!

DJI company is known for conquering the sky by it's drones and now they just released the one hand gimbal stabilizer. Does it worth the hype?

Most film makers are loving this outstanding stabilizer, They testified how versatile and well-crafted this masterpiece is!

It's undeniable that other stabilizer in Ronin series are quite impressive but this one hand gimbal is bragged by being handy and yet with amazing features like having record trigger and Focus Wheel compatible now with Sony, Nikon and Canon cameras, you can check in their website for the full list of cameras compatible with it.

Another awesome feature is the 3 user profile setting with it's designated button to switch instantly to your desire setting while shooting. There is also the sport mode where the gimbal move stiffly for fast moving subject. However it's heaviness is a complain for some but they also believe it's worth the weight! ;)

Watch our preview

If you wanna give it a try, you can check our website and book it with us!

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