Where You See Yourself Next 5 Years As an Entrepreneur?

“Learn as much as you can while you are young, since life becomes too busy later.” ~ Dana Stewart Scott. YES! That is applied for those whom planning to start their own business. Life is not an easy journey for an entrepreneur, you will understand what the priority are and sacrifices you will do in your life. The question is: Why I want to start my own business?

When people talk about business and how successful he or she is, there is a strange good feeling inside some entrepreneurs and they come to think like: If they did it, I can do it also and even better! I totally understand the risk behind in each startup business, but if you did not do it, someone else going to do it and you will be no longer unique with your idea in the field.

You woke up early, rush to your office then later have less power to catch up with your own business. It seems like a heavy mountains on your chest and you have to sign some paperwork, meeting with the suppliers, checking orders and emails da da da da, later your will realize it’s already late to go back home and catch up with your family on the dinner table as well your sleeping time and get ready for your next day, especially if you are living in different city and your business is in another!

In DreamCam Studio, we spent more than 10 years on easy entrepreneurs’ life by taking care of their marketing campaigns and follow up with their clients need and understand their field with budget friendly monthly. I personally bought a coffee shop this year just to deep understand some of our clients’ feelings and be better marketers and enhance our services. After few months I was able to feel them and guide our clients to improve their business.

Also, I’ve joined Udacity and study digital marketing to fell the gaps on the things that I might miss and refresh my knowledge and be up-to-dated on what’s going on to the current market with Covid-19 and how to make it to better outcome to my businesses. After I finish the program and get my Nano Degree in Digital Marketing, of course I’m going to reward myself to a nice vacation in Thailand, Phuket island as my main vacation destination.

To end, life is not easy and it’s ok to seek some help from family, friends or a company to take care some part of your business so you can carry on with family and things. Keep your business organized and be in touch with great agencies that move your company to next level. Our company will be with you side by side with your journey in your business and bring the best outcome results.

A question to you if you don’t have your own business currently, Where you see yourself next 5 years?

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